Who is Zen Creative?

Zen Creative is a Fortnite Creative Developer Team created by two talented designers who's main goal is to help brands market their content inside of Fortnite Creative at a high quality standard that makes their brand and their content stand out from the rest.

What can Zen Creative do for your brand?

Our main goal is to create unique and high quality experiences for brands to market their content within Fortnite Creative for Millions of Players to experience. We want to help you showcase to the world what you can offer.

Are all experiences the same?

No two experiences are the same. We look to create content that engages players in the most unique ways possible. We also look to showcase personalized experiences for your brand in new and interesting ways that will intrigue players to want to learn more about your brand.

What is the best way to get in contact?




R-leeo Maoate, a self taught Video Editor from New Zealand who has been editing for almost 10 years and edited trailers for big names like EPIC GAMES, NVIDIA, AMD and many more. He also specializes in Level Design within Fortnite's In-game editor where he was fortunate enough to work alongside Epic Games in Nov 2020 to help Co-Create the Spy Within LTM with 8 other amazing Fortnite Creative Builders. He has been featured numerous times in game by developers Epic Games where his

creations have become very popular within the community.

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Theodore Maoate, is an extremely well known Level Designer and Game Mechanics Expert within Fortnite. He is most known for his Four in a Row creation which utilized Fortnite mechanics to it's absolute limit. He also helped Co-Create the Spy Within LTM with Epic Games in Nov 2020 alongside 8 other amazing Fortnite Creative Builders. He has pushed the limits of what Fortnite Creative has to offer and has been featured numerous times by Epic Games because of it.

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Feel free to email us at contact@zencreative.net or alternatively fill out the contact form down below. We will be in touch as soon as possible.